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Welcome to the home of Licef School.

LICEF SCHOOLis a non-profit making private institution run by the 'Lusaka Islamic Cultural and Educational Foundation' from whence LICEF derives its name. It is situated on a 12 acre campus at the Burma Road / Indus Street junction.

Founded in 1981, primarily for the benefit of Muslim children but open to any non-Muslim, the school today comprises of a pre-school, primary and secondary section on one campus with a total enrollment in the region of 1000 plus. Enrollment begins at the age of three and a half years and a 13/14 year study programme leads to Grade 11 /12 at the age of 16/17 years.

The members of LICEF, through its representation on a 25 member General Council, manage the school. The day to day administration is directed by the Administrative staff headed by the   Administrative Manager.   The   Primary  and   Secondary  sections  are   headed   by respective head teachers.

Feel free to navigate through our user friendly menus and hope that the information on the site will be helpfull.

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