About Licef

LICEF SCHOOL is a non-profit making private institution run by the ‘Lusaka Islamic Cultural and Educational Foundation’ from whence LICEF derives its name. It is situated on a 12 acre campus at the Burma Road / Indus Street junction.

Founded in 1981, primarily for the benefit of Muslim children but open to any non-Muslim, the school today comprises of a pre-school, primary and secondary section on one campus with a total enrollment in the region of 1000 plus. Enrollment begins at the age of three and a half years and a 13/14 year study programme leads to Grade 11.

The members of LICEF, through its representation on a 25 member General Council, manage the school. The day to day administration is directed by the Administrative staff headed by the   Administrative Manager.  The   Primary  and   Secondary  sections  are   headed   by respective head teachers.

The curriculum offers the Zambia Basic Education Syllabus leading to the Grade 9 Junior Secondary School Certificate and the Cambridge International Examinations at the end of Grade 11/12. Pupils are also prepared for entry into the secondary school via the internal “Checkpoint Seven Exams”, which replaces the government Grade 7 Exams, the latter no longer being an entry qualification into Grade 8 for LICEF. Cambridge Secondary is been introduced in 2017 at Grade Seven level.

The academic year runs from January to November/December with three terms of 13/14 weeks each.   End-of-term holidays are three.


The school has two campuses which comprises of the following sections: Nursery and Pre-school along Malata road, Primary and Secondary at the main campus along Burma Road. The school has a total enrollment figure of over 1000 learners hence making it one of the largest private schools in southern Africa. Enrollment begins at a tender age of 3 1/2  years into Nursery 1 and a thirteen-year study programme culminates in Grade Eleven.