The principles governing the school’s admission regulations are: Admission to LICEF School is open to all.

A child must be 31/2 (Three and a half) years of age on 1st January of the year of entrance in Nursery One or an appropriate age for other grades.

Applications may be put on the wait list at any time, but is valid till the end of the year. The application may be renewed at the end of each year if it has not been successful, at no extra cost. Admission to any grade other than Nursery one (1) is based on an entry test.

Appropriate fees and all relevant forms, including a copy of the birth certificate, must be submitted before a child is accepted. In the case of students already enrolled, re-registration is required of all students seeking selection at Grade 8 and Grade 10 levels.


When making an application to the school, it is of great importance that parents fully understand the school’s academic requirements, extra¬≠curricular activities and fee schedules, and in particular, the school’s religious learning. There is no compulsion in religious belief or practice, but school rules are enforced without exception. Further details on the above may be availed from the Administrative Manager.