As there is no compulsion in religion,  LICEF School  believes in the following objectives:

  1. To impart the highest possible standard of education, (within the regulations set by the Ministry of Education governing the running of private educational institutions), ensuring that there is no conflict with Islamic ideology.
  2. For the Muslim learners from different Islamic families and backgrounds to develop dynamically and confidently as true Muslims.
  3. For the Muslim learners in particular to be able to have an awareness, pride and confidence in their own Islamic religion, language and culture, and yet be tolerant of other faiths and cultures.
  4. To create an Islamic ambience at the school while respecting the beliefs of the other faiths and cultures.
  5. To reinforce Islamic morals and codes of behaviour so that Muslim learners in particular, (and other learners in general), can distinguish right from wrong.
  6. To nurture Muslim learners in particular in such a way  that they can aptly convey the pristine beauty of Islam through their knowledge and practice.